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Walk In Sunshine is an organization whose premise is to be there for parents both financially and spiritually, who have lost young children. Losing a child can be one of the hardest moments a family can go through. 


We can help answer some of the smaller questions for you. Do we bury or do we cremate?  What do you mean you don’t have child or baby sized caskets or urns?  Wait we want an autopsy, who transports a body to the Children’s Specialized Hospital?  How much does everything cost?


These are not the sort of questions you should grapple with. That's why we're here, to guide to a place of sunshine after dark times. 




From jewelry to art to music to even different kinds of memorial items, the remembrance of your child does not end with burial. 


Take a look at some of the educational organizations, books, and articles we offer to get you through this difficult time.