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Walk In Sunshine Charity Unveils New Section Aimed at Youth Drug Addiction and Loss

Walk In Sunshine Charity is thrilled to announce a new section on their website aimed at helping families find resources to help with youth drug addiction and for families who have lost a child to addiction.

Providing unique online resources for families of Babies and Children who leave this Earth too soon, continues to be the main focus of Walk In Sunshine. This new section focuses on addiction proves this out. According to the latest available statistics from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), almost half of all teens will use illicit drugs by the time they’ve graduated high school, and more than 40% of college students use illicit drugs.

Walk in Sunshine Charity is proud to feature our new section on Addiction that includes more than 75 unique resources including support groups, online organizations, books, YouTube videos and helpful articles. To access this library resources, please click here.

About Walk In Sunshine

Walk In Sunshine is a charity that focuses on online resources for families who have lost a child. We plan to continue to post articles addressing all types of child loss. We will also donate $1,000 to the final arrangements of any child loss in Union County from 20 weeks gestation until the child turns 18.

Our website is

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