• Lou Magrone

Walk In Sunshine In Midst of Holiday Fundraiser

Starting this past Saturday, Walk In Sunshine Charity has launched their holiday fundraiser with the assistance of local Westfield retailer, Bespoke by Gambert. From December 7 - December 14th, anyone who donates more than $50.00 to Walk In Sunshine Charity will receive 10% off their entire purchase.

People can either make a donation in person by visiting the store on 221 North Avenue East in Westfield, NJ or visit This year, Walk In Sunshine is hoping to raise $10,000.

Established in 2018, Walk In Sunshine Charity has been on a mission to provide assistance to families who have lost a young child in the New Jersey area in an addition to providing online resources for families all around the world.

In 2019, Walk In Sunshine Charity was able to help fund four different funeral arrangements for Union County, NJ Children this past year.

To learn more about Walk In Sunshine Charity, visit our website, check out our Facebook page, or follow us on Instagram.

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